Build a Barn Door From 1x6s

Introduction: Build a Barn Door From 1x6s

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Hey everyone! Simple barn door design here made entirely from 1x6s from Home Depot all under 100 bucks. This is just the door, not the handle or sliding mechanism.


Depending on size of your door of course... but for our doorway which was 35 inches wide heres what we got

-11 pine board 8 foot long 1x6

-Wood Glue

-aircompressor/brad nailers (you could use nail and hammer)

-circular saw

-straight edge

Step 1: Lay Out Your Boards and Cut Them

First lay out your 1x6s to the width that you would like. Since our door was 35 inches wide we opted for 7 placed side by side and since 1x6 is really only 5.5 inches wide it came out to 38.5 wide.

Next mark on the boards the height of your door. Our doorway was a little under 7 feet so we made our door 7 feet tall.

From there you cut each board accordingly making sure their all the same length roughly. (dont worry if they are slightly off - its a rustic looking door anyway!)

Step 2: Cross Pieces

Next run your other 1x6s across your door to figure out where to cut them as you can see from the picture simply mark and cut accordingly. You can put these cross pieces flush against the edge of the door or push them in a 1/2 inch like we did for the aesthetic.

Step 3: Glue Your Cross Pieces

Once you've cut and determined where you want the pieces to go, push your long 7 foot boards tightly together and hold them in place with something heavy like cinderblocks! Next grab a partner if you can and slap a bunch of glue on your cross piece and position it accordingly.

While making sure the cross pieces don't shift, nail them into the boards underneath them locking them in place and tying the door together.

Finally put some really heavy things on top of the cross pieces so that the glue holds and keeps the boards flat against each other.

Step 4: Mark and Cut Your Last Boards

Now after your glue has set to the labels directions we can cut pieces from the last 1x6s to connect the cross pieces diagonally.

Lining the corner of one board to another like in the picture, mark the opposite side that just touches the edge of the cross piece. (To the right of my finger in the photo)

Finally using a pencil and straight edge draw a line from the corner to your mark. Cut along that line and you've got your perfect angle.

Repeat for the other end and repeat for the other diagonal piece as well.

Finally nail and glue these pieces on just like we did with the cross pieces.

Step 5: Final Touches

I didn't take any photos but you can stain and poly the door to whatever color you like since these boards don't have any coating on them - also the poly will protect it from dings and other wear/tear.

Hope you enjoyed this one!

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    5 weeks ago

    Its a useful skill to have but you got the cross braces wrong .
    They should go from outside top to inside bottom on each half . That supports the weight of the door on the hinges side .
    An Interesting addition is copper nails and rovings drilled right through front to back and peened over on the inside to hold the boards together and you can also use old iron nails etc.

    As you have them the door will sag over time .
    These doors properly made kept the cops out of my house for 20 minutes and that's saying something.