Introduction: Build a Bioshock Drill Arm

Hello everyone, today I'm going to show you how to build a Bioshock Drill Arm.
This is a difficult project, but if you have any questions, make sure to check out the video: 

Video Tutorial:

Let's get started!

Step 1: Making the Drill

The first step in this project is going to be making the cone that will be your drill bit. Take 2 pieces of poster board and make a shape of an unfolded cone. This took me a while to get it perfect, then I used tape to hold the cone together. Try looking on google for a cone template. 

Step 2: Make the Drill (cont.)

Next cut a circle of foam core poster board the diameter of the cone. Next, insert a piece of PVC, and make sure the end is at the point of the cone. Hot glue everything into place.

Step 3: Make the Drill Holder

Next, we’re going to create a holder for the drill. Take a piece of foam core and cut a circle in which the diameter is 1 inch bigger than the drill diameter. Next, create a long strip of regular poster board about 2 inches in width, then glue it around the big circle. 

Step 4:

I next took the drill and took it apart. I wanted to change the position of the switch so I soldered wires to the switch and wired a switch on the ends of a long cord. It should look like this once you’re done with the electronics. 

Step 5:

Next, I took a plastic Clorox wipe container and traced it on poster board twice. These will act as bracers to hold the electric screwdriver inside. I took the Clorox container and cut off the bottom and top parts, so it was like a tube. I took my 2 bracers and cut holes in them the diameter of the drill where I wanted the drill to be placed inside of the Clorox container. I hot glued the bracers inside of the Clorox container and inserted the drill. I hot glued the drill in place.

Step 6: Supports

Once mounted with hot glue, I used some L-Brackets on both the inside and outside for extra support.

Step 7:

Next, using some plastic parts from other builds, I glued cool looking things all around the Clorox container. I used hot glue to attach everything. Make sure to take the paper wrapper off the Clorox container.

Step 8: Making the Drill

Next, we’re going to work on the drill. Cut a piece of foam pipe insulation and cut it in half, then using hot glue, wrap it around the drill bit multiple times. Next, use plaster bandages and apply smoothly over the foam and poster board. This will give it strength, and you can add details with the plaster.

Step 9: Creating Structure

Next I added another tube for my forearm. This will also be where the switch will be, so I used hot glue to attach it in the tube where it could be easily pressed with my thumb. Next, using foam core, I created another bracer and used a cardboard tube a bit taller than my forearm and hot glued it. After that, test it out again to see if you can comfortably press the button from inside. 

Step 10: Painting!

For the paint job, I painted the actual drill bit a dark grey with brown mixed in to simulate rust. I then added little brown and red streaks, to represent rust and blood! Next, I painted the body of the arm flat black, added some silver bits, weathered it with sand paper and I was finally done! 

Step 11: Finished Product!