Introduction: Build a Doghouse With Palletwood

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First things first. Sorry for my bad English. I live in Germany but will try my best.

This is also my first instructable.

My wife had a month ago the idea of having a place for our dogs on the terrace when we are sitting outside.
To start we checked the local ads, lucky us we got one guy who offered 15 pallets for free.


- Surprisingly pallets
- Screws, like a lot
- chop saw
- handsaw
- propane burner
- brass brush
- some clear wood protection oil
- paintroller

Step 1: Get the Pallets and Material

Simple as that. Drove to the guy, got everything on the trailer and unload at home in the driveway.
Then choose one pallet which looks fine enough as foundation. The rest is just taking pallets apart and nails removing. Annoying as hell.

After that, I took the chosen pallet and the useful pieces, the rest ist for the fireplace.

Step 2: Foundation

I took the plungesaw and to trim the sides, because I wanted to avoid overhanging sides.
The I started to use some of the wood to fill the gaps. Again I used the plungesaw to cut the pieces.
This was tedious work, because the gaps had often different sizes.

Step 3: Burn Part One

For the used Look I took the propane burner. The I used the brass brush to removed the burned stuff. It's more fun then simple sanding.

Step 4:

Now I started with the use of some wooden bars and the salvaged pallet wood to build the house.
It's a very simple way, but I'm no carpenter. Kind of worked.

Step 5: Roofing

Nearly the same as before, took the salvaged wood with screws on it, then I used the plungesaw to trim the front side.

Step 6: Burn Part Two

Forgot to make a picture of this part. Again the propan burner to make the look matching. On the outside of the walls, the roof and where the slats are visible.

Step 7: Protection

Just applied the wood oil with a roller and that's it. I made just one layer and needed about half of it. Container size 750ml.

Step 8: Testing

After some drying we let the dogs in for the testing.

The qualified auditors find it more as acceptable. 👍👍👍

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