Introduction: Build a Fan With LEGO and Faya-nugget

As a kid, I dreamed to build everything with LEGO, especially those could move and even form a robot. Sadly back in late 90's, the first generation Mindstorm was just way too expensive for me.

When I first met Arduino, I soon realized this could be a great alternative for Mindstorm controller. It even offers more possibility with the expandability. The remaining problem is how to put electronics and bricks together. So I decide to design some extension boards for Arduino to connect to LEGO painlessly, which is faya-nugget.

Here, I am going to show you how to build a controllable mini cooling fan with LEGO and faya-nugget.

Also, there's something we need to prepare for this project :D

1. fayaduino Uno (or you already have Uno)
2.faya-nugget stepper motor

3.faya-nugget DC motor

4.faya-nugget Joystick

5.Some Jump wires

6.2hours free time!

Step 1: Get Started Wiring


Wiring: Module Pin ==> Arduino Pin

Firstly, the Stepper Motor module pins :

A ==> D11

B ==> D10

Ā (A-Bar) ==> D9

B (B-bar) ==> D8

Secondly, pins for 3V DC Motor :

(Caution) We use PWM for fan speed control, If you want to change the pin, please make sure you use a PWM pin.

3V motor SIG ==> D3

Finally, the Joystick!


VRX ==> V0

VRY ==> V1


Step 2: Wires Close Up

Step 3: Connect the Power Cords

All faya-nugget board has two power port (voltage-in and ground), the white tiny connectors as seen in the images, they are all parallel so you can connect them in the way you like.

Step 4: Power Up!

Final step of wiring, connect 5V (red) and GND (black) on Arduino board to any faya-nugget power port, and make sure every single board gets powered.

Step 5: Code Uploading

Give your creation a soul, use Arduino IDE to upload the code to your Arduino board.

If you are not sure what to do, you might want to check out Arudino's starter guide first:

Step 6: Stack the Bricks and Boards

In anyway you would like to! this is the best part, I will let you enjoy the moment.

Step 7: Work With Technic for Sure.

Step 8: Voilà!

You can get faya-nuggets on MCM Electronics:

I hope you enjoy this Instructable, and maybe you can share some idea with me too, Ciao!