Introduction: Build a Hovercraft

What you need

* 12 3/4" 2 foot long pvc pipes
* 1 X Joint
* 4 T Joints
* 4 Elbow Joints (Not Shown)
* Plastic Sheeting Bigger then 5x5ft
* 4x4 foot piece of wood (Not Shown)
* Vacuum Motor or Leaf Blower
* 24 Bolts (Not Shown)
* 24 Nuts (Not Shown)
* 1 Roll of Duct Tape (Not Shown)

* Scissors (Not Shown)
* Wrench (Not Shown)

Step 1: Build the Frame Step 1

Take 2 pieces of the PVC Pipe and connect them with a T Joint like bellow:


Repeat this 4 times

Step 2: Build the Frame Step 2

Take your remaining 4 pieces of 2' PVC Pipe and take your X Joint and attach one piece of PVC Pipe into each hole on the X Joint.
Then take the pipes you just assembled and put them on the end of each pipe coming from the X joint making a square with a plus in the middle.

Step 3: Add Elbow Joints

Add elbow joints to all the corners.

Step 4: Put on Plastic

Take your PVC Pipe and put the plastic over it.  Be sure to leave give it slack in the middle so the plastic can be inflated.  Then Duct Tape the plastic to the pvc pipe.

Step 5: Cut Holes

Cut one medium sized hole in the middle.  Then put Duct Tape around the edges on both sides of the plastic. 

Step 6: Drill 6 Holes in the PVC Pipe and Plastic on All Sides

Drill 6 holes in the PVC Pipe and Plastic on all sides.  Be sure to go all the way through the Pipe.

Step 7: Drill Holes in the Wood

Drill holes in the same places on the wood.

Step 8: Put It Together

Put the wood over the PVC Pipe then put a bolt into each one.  Then secure it with a nut.

Step 9: Add the Motor

Drill a whole in the wood the size of your motor.  Then Put your motor over it and mount it to the wood.

Step 10: Add Leaf Blower (Optional)

If you want forward thrust Duct Tape a leaf blower to the back of your hovercraft!

Step 11: Laser Cut

If you want to get fancy you can laser engrave your wood.  Unfortunately I do not have a laser cutter but if I did I would:
* Make more instructables involving laser cutters
* Make accessories for iOS Devices
* Start a company that laser engraves your technology (We would be based in the bay area)

Step 12: Your Done!

Turn on the motor and your ready to go.

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