Introduction: Build a Kickstarter Monitor Within Half an Hour

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We launched our second Kickstarter project hours ago.

The project is named Wio Link, which is ESP8266 based open-source, Wi-Fi solution to simplify IoT development by virtualizing plug-n-play modules to Web of Things.

It's really feel good when you get a new backer at Kickstarter. But you have to open the website and check the number of backer. Here we share this Instructables to make this process much more interesting.

We are going to make a Kickstarter Monitor which have the below functions:

1. When there's a new backer, you will get a sound, "Wow, you got a new backer"
2. You will get "Hey, you got a new comment" when there's a new comment, then you will not miss any comments any more, as you know it's very important to reply a comment to your backer quickly.
3. There're many leds to show you how many money you had got

And the most important is, you only need half an hour to MAKE this Instructable.

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Step 1: Prepare the Stuffs

You need to prepare some stuffs first.

• Wio Link
• Grove - Recorder
• Li-Battery
• WS2812B Led
• Wooden Board

Step 2: Cut a Wooden Board

Find a 20*100cm wooden board, or other things you can find, such as a cardboard.

Step 3: Set the Hardware Modules

You need some 3M glues here.

What you need to do is sticking the modules to the board, as shown in the above image.

Connection as below:

  • Grove - Recorder > D12
  • WS2812B > D13

Step 4: Software Works

Getting Started with Wio ONE please put hand on here.

Please download the code from Github

And then let’s see the code together,

Kickstarter_url =
#wio link ks
wio_link_led_url =
wio_link_key = "access_token=your token "
wio_link_recorder = <a href=""></a>

Kickstarter_url should be your focus project on Kickstarter, and use your project name key word to replace Wio Link in %22Wio%20Link%22.

Modify the wio_link_led_url wio_link_key and wio_link_recorder to your own Wio Link API.

The variable “ONE_LED_USD = 2000” stands for every $2000 lights a led.

After modify the code, make sure your PC or VPS have already installed the python environment and requests library.

And the execute the following command:

$ python

The software work is done.

Step 5: How Does It Work

There's 28 Leds, each led means $2,000.

And when there's new backer, you can hear "Wow~ There's new backer"

When this instructable had been published, we got 7 leds on, Cheers.