Introduction: Build a Knex GBA Game Stand

Are you like me? Do you have more Gameboy Advance games than you know what to do with? Do you want to try your best to keep these games in good shape? Do you have Knex? Are you Bored?!

Maybe this is a good idea for you!

This relatively simple Knex Game Stand is able to hold 22 games, and can hold more or less depending on how you want to make it.

Overall building time should only take 30 mins to an hour depending on your building skill.

(This is my first instructable, please keep that in mind)

Step 1: Materials

The materials list for this stand can alter, depending on how many games you want your stand to hold, and your parts available.

My Stand Contains:

-x84    90 degree connectors (in grey/red)
-x12   135 degree connectors (in green)
-x4      180 degree connectors (in grey)
-x2      small blue rod endings
-x44   grey rod spacers

-x5     190mm rods (in grey)
-x14    32mm rods (in grey)
-x84    16mm rods (in black)

The Following Can be Substituted:

-x24 90 degree connectors can be substituted for 24 clips with holed ends (in grey) on the spacers
-All 135 degree connectors can be substituted for 90 degree connectors
-190mm rods can be replaced by any size to either increase or decrease the stand's length (Doing this would also reduce the necessary connectors and rods)
-Blue rod endings can be replaced by clips with holed ends, or anything that holds a connector closed

Step 2: The Spacers!

The First step is to build the spacers. These spacers are what keep your games from touching together.

First,  grab x7 90 degree connectors, x6 16mm rods, and a 32mm rod. Connect them, as shown in the picture below.

Repeat until you have 12 spacers (or less, if you are using smaller rods in the stand)

If you choose to, you can replace the 2 end 90 degree connectors with holed clips (as mentioned previously).

Step 3: Building the Rest

Now that we have 12 (or less) spacers, we can continue and finish this stand!

The easiest way to go about assembling this stand is to first build your ending.

Assemble the end (as shown below) with 6x 135 degree connectors, 2x 180 degree connectors, 6x 16mm rods and a 32mm rod.

The next step is to place this FLAT on your building surface, and attach 4x 190mm rods. in alternating order, place a spacer down these 4 rods. Follow this with a grey rod spacer, and repeat until the rod is completely filled.

Once you are done this, assemble and place another ending on these 4 rods.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

The final step is to place your last 190mm rod down the center of your stand. This rod can be capped off with 2 holed clips or any other pieces you have lying around. Rod Spacers are not necessary on this rod, as this piece is more for stand stability than actual use.

The stand can probably work without this rod, but you can't be too careful when working with your games?

Finish up by putting your games on the stand, on an angle, and enjoy!