Introduction: Build a Metal Marching Snare Drum !

So this is my Marching snare drum I built in the last 2 weeks. I used stainless steel for the drum shell. All other parts are ordered. they cost me about 150 $ but its still much less than buying a good one. And mine is a good one. So if i am going to be one of the finalists in the metal working challenge or if many people ask me i am going to make another instructable. 

I first wanted to weld those pieces together so my tech ed teacher welded the inside, but after i regognized that is a horrible welder i pop rivetet ( is that the word ? probably not :)) everything together. I am going to use blue chrome tape for the outside and i have a drum carrier for it already built but its at school, so i am going to upload a picture next week :)

So please vote for my drum and feel free to ask any question :)

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