Introduction: Build a PVC Fig Rig

A Fig Rig is a circular camera mount designed to simulate the look of a steadicam. Manfrotto sells them for about $400. Make an even better one for under $10.

Step 1: Look at a Real Fig Rig

A Fig Rig works by spreading out the center of gravity across the rig. Instead of the camera capturing all your hand movement, your hands are away from the camera, but at the same level so you not only get smoother movement, but more control as well.

Step 2: PVC

So, how to make one? Go down to your local hardware store and buy some PVC, connectors, and some red hot blue glue. For the tripod connector, get a long 1/4" machine bolt and some washers and nuts that fit. PVC caps work really well, you just need to drill a couple holes. When using the PVC glue, be sure to do it outside or somewhere where there's a lot of air (it gives off a lot of fumes, you'll see).

Good luck! If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

Step 3: Extended Steps

some more suggestions:

buy a 10' length of pvc and cut it later, cut all pieces before any glueing (the glue dries fast) and lay out pieces. to cut pvc, use a pvc cutter (pump handle tool).

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