Introduction: Build a Power Bank in $2

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Hey! everyone My name is Steve.

Today I'm going to show you How to make a Power Bank in just $2 not believing?

Follow me and you'll get it

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Let's Start

Step 1: Features

Power Input

  • 5v 2A via a micro USB

Power Output

  • 5v 1A And 5v 2A Dual USB


  • It depends on how much battery you added

Safety Features

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection

Step 2: Things You Need




    Suggested Buy

    • 18650 Battery - Click
    • Vichy VC99 Multimeter - Click

    Step 3: Where to Get Free 18650 Batteries

    I used my old laptop battery to get the cells check the video down below

    Click Here to See The Video

    Step 4: How to Check How Much Capacity Is Left

    I used a Battery Capacity tester to check the real capacity check the video down below

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    Step 5: Assembling Part 1

    • I used 18650 battery holder to hold the 6 battery that I salvaged from an Old laptop battery
    • After that, i used a thick wire to solder all the 18650 in parallel configuration

    Step 6: Assembling Part 2

    • I used dual sided tape to stick the battery and the Board to the Acrylic sheet

    Step 7: Completing

    • And then I soldered the 2 wire to the board ( see the image )

    : Notice - Please be careful about the polarity

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    You Just Made It

    Now just Plug the power and enjoy

    Thank you for visiting my Instructables Stay tuned for next Projects