Build a Small Boat in Tinkercad

Introduction: Build a Small Boat in Tinkercad


Ok, it's very simple:

  1. Go to
  2. create a free account (signing in with google is the easiest)
  3. create a 3D design
  4. follow along the instructions
  5. Download or 3D print
  6. Done!

note: You can download the file or copy it here:


the only supplies you need are access to the internet, and a computer

Step 1: Start With the Base

First of all, you need to go into the design, and get a cylinder, and rotate it 90 degrees (when you click on the object, you should see the curved line with the two arrows). Then resize it to how you like using the square buttons when you click on a shape. If you are confused by this, go here: please note that this video is not mine, and all credit for the video goes to its owner. Then go into the shape properties, and turn the bevel all the way up, as shown in 2 of the pictures. Then grab a box, and resize it so it covers half of the cylinder as shown in one picture. Then, click both by holding down the shift key while clicking on them. then group them by using ctrl + g, or cmnd + g for a mac, and duplicate that with ctrl + d, or cmnd + g for a mac (you'll need this later.). Once you complete that, you should follow along the images. Go in an select the round roof from basic shapes, and make it a hole. Put it on our base to make it look a bit like a hot dog and then group them. After that, import the back end piece using the import button, and attach it to the back. Then, get a paraboloid from basic shapes, and put a hole on the front of the ship. When you are done you should have abase like the one in the picture

Step 2: Basic Acessories

This is simple:

  • Add the wheel to the back
  • Take the stairs and put them onto the deck connecting the deck and the platform

Step 3: Decorations

All you need to do is explore tinkercad and make the boat yours.

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