Introduction: Build a Smart Phone Cradle for $4.00

My Android phone did not come with a stand, so I decided to try to build one; I wanted to start simple and affordable and yet it had to look decent and somewhat cool. It also has to be able to handle the phone with the USB cable attached.

I was at the Dollar store and found all I needed for the first attempt, and it only cost me less than $4.00.

Step 1: Material

These are the three items I bought:

1.         1)  Universal Tool Hook (package of 5)

2.         2)  Corner Braces (package of 2) aka : “L” brackets

3.         3)  Small nut and bolts assortment

Step 2: Trimming the Tool Hook

Please be careful with this step as the sharp pieces will fly off pretty fast... this is the only warning you will get, do this at your own risk.

Next the Tool Hook needs to be trimmed, I cut off 1” and used heavy duty cutters to do this.

Once both ends are trimmed, I cut the corners slightly at 45 degrees angle to round them off in order to get them ready for further smoothing to avoid any sharp edges.

Step 3: Get Filing!

File the cut pieces smooth.

Step 4: Assembly

Use the shortest bolts with their according nuts to mount the Tool Hook to the two Corner Braces, taking some care to make sure they align in parallel.

Step 5: Cradle in Use

Here is what my HTC Hero looks like on the cradle both ways, upright and sideways.
This cradle should work with most smart phones in the same size range as the iPhone.


PS: I have built two fancier models since I finished this one (there is no cutting involved); I will post more Instructables for them at a later time.