Introduction: Build a SnowBed

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I had the idea to build a chair out of snow, but then decided that a bed would be much better. This bed would utilize a real pillow, sheets, covers, and thermal blankets. 

This bed is formed from snow, a snow shovel, a wheelbarrow, a disc sled, a PVC pipe, a coal shovel, a bulb planter, a small potting shovel, sheets, covers, pillows, water, nails, and thermal blankets.

I used the bed for a short nap, and was quite warm while resting on it. The sheets I used were actually thermal blankets which had a wool covering on it. I would have added more covers if using for an extended period of time. 

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

You will need:
  • snow
  • a snow shovel
  • wheelbarrow
  • a disc sled (anything which can press the snow evenly)
  • a PVC pipe (I used one inch PVC, but anything long enough will work)
  • a coal shovel
  • a bulb planter
  • a small potting shovel
  • sheets
  • covers
  • pillows
  • water
  • nails
  • and thermal blankets.

Step 2: Collecting Snow

Find an area of snow to put in pile. Put the snow down with the same amount of general force to help with determining overall feeling of the bed. 

I used about 20-30 wheelbarrow-fuls of snow in my bed. As a rule of thumb, I would recommend that when you think that you have enough snow, add a bit more. The snow condenses, which makes the need for seemingly "excessive" snow mandatory.

Step 3: Leveling Your Snow Pile

This step levels the snow. The overall pile goes from being rough to being relatively level. The smoothening of the snow with the sled's underside also condenses it, making it firm. 

Step 4: Making the "Mattress"

Next, use the PVC pipe to make an outline of where the bed will be. The coal shovel follows that outline, forming the mattress.
After the top of the bed is quite flat, take the PVC pipe, and slowly drag it across the top to remove slight humps and excess snow.

I added a headboard to block the slight breeze which started during the build. I also put a drink holder there, using the bulb planter. Simply put it in the snow, spin it, and remove.

BE CAREFUL, because a slight depression cause by trying to level the mattress is very hard to fix

Step 5: Adding Sheets, Thermal Blankets, and Covers

Take your bottom layer (the sheets), and push a nail with a large head and thin body through the corner. Then thrust the nail into the snow until it is stationary. Do this on each corner until the sheets are secure. To further secure the sheets, additional nails may be added to the sides on the exterior. 

Step 6: Adding Additional Sheets

After the bottom sheet is secured, additional layers of sheets may be added to the bed. Thermal blankets in between layers are a very nice option to increase the warmth. 

Step 7: Done! Now Try It Out

Completion! Doesn't it look great? Now try it out.

Also remember to bundle up in comfortable apparel before resting in the bed.

Note: If you feel cold she under the covers, add more insulation to the ground in the form of sheets or blankets. 

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