Introduction: Build a Versatile PVC Light Stand for Under $5

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You need to add light to properly expose your image (whether for photography or video).  I had assembled a decent DIY light kit, but needed somewhere to properly hang my lights.  The lowest cost retail stand I could find was $20.  I managed to come up with a PVC design that served the same purpose at 1/4 of that price and could do things a retail stand couldn't.

Step 1: Parts List

(1) 10' length of 3/4" PVC pipe
(4) 3/4" couplers
(3) 3/4" tee joints
(4) 3/4" end caps

PVC ratcheting cutters

Step 2: Cut Up 10' PVC Pole

(3) 2' lengths.
(6) 6" lengths.
(1) 1 1/2" length.
(1) 10 1/2" length.

Step 3: Assemble Basic Stand Parts

Press fit the couplers onto the longest pieces.  This will give you 3 longs and a short that resemble futuristic clubs.

Cram 2 6" pieces opposite each other into each tee. 

Add end caps onto 2 of the assembled "tees + shorts" parts.

Add 1 1/2" piece in non-end-capped tee.

Step 4: Assemble Stand

Push the two end-capped tees onto the piece with the short insert.

Add lengths for different heights, all the way up to 7'.

Step 5: Attaching Lights

How to attach a work light, a clamp light and a florescent light.

Step 6: Accessories Make It Versatile

Step 7: A Bag to Carry It In

You're going to need a way to transport your new stands as they can be awkward and heavier than the retail version.  Any big bag will do.

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Step 8: And Here's the Video Version...