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Introduction: Build a Compost Bin From Pallets

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You want to build two big compost bins, but you don't want to spend a lot of money? So this project is for you, since it's entierly made of pallet wood.

You are welcome to watch the video (in german).

More details and free plans are available on my (german) blog: Build a compost bin from pallets

Step 1: Take the Pallets Apart

Take the pallets apart. Crowbar, hammer an pliers are the right tools for this job.

Step 2: The Plan

The compost bins should fullfill this requirements:

  • self-supporting
  • easy to change single boards
  • front boards removable

Step 3: Time to Switch on the Saw

First the boards are cut to length. Then notches for the normal boards are cut. Finally the diagonal notches for the front boards are cut with the jigsaw.

Step 4: Cut and Glue Up the Poles

The poles are glued up from individual pieces. I'm using construction adhesive here, since it's strong and water proof.

Step 5: Set-up the Compost Bins

Finally all pieces are ready and it's time to do the lego work and set-up the two compost bins.

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7 years ago

How many pallets are needed? I see each side has 7 planks, so that 28 total plus corners. Should i get 4-5 if the palette has 7 top planks and less bottom planks?


Reply 7 years ago

I used 10 double sized one way pallets. That was more than enough. 5 is fine for one compost bin. Keep in mind that the size of the pallets matters. If you are using standard size euro pallets, the bin will get considerably smaller.

This is a great compost bin. We built one with sides slightly spaced, but not removable & a lift-up door at the bottom. When we moved it was full (compost on the bottom, newer materials on top) & could be budged, so we gave it to our neighbor. Well, we need a new one & boyfriend is taking too long. I'll be breaking out the tools in the next day or so to get it done. Throwing away way too much! Thanks for a wonderful tutorial of a compost bin that is both very functional & nice to look at. One question: did you line it with chicken wire or similar to keep critters out?


8 years ago on Introduction

I bet this gets added to my "honey-do" list pretty soon....nice work!


8 years ago

I like it. Looks like plenty of room for air and looks tasteful.