Introduction: Build a Pump-less Recycled AC With an Old Fan.

It's hot outside again, and fans just don't quite cut it. The purpose of this instructable is to show you how to take a fan that you would normally be using and make it much more efficient, by reducing the time you need to run it while increasing its cooling power.
I've been looking around on this site, and most if not all of the air conditioning units require some sort of pump, but to run both a fan and a pump does not save much electricity.

Below is a finished ac unit.

Step 1: Gather Tools/Materials

As far as cost this was free because i used only materials I had around the house.

1. A styrofoam cooler
2. Fan
3. Aluminum cans Cans
4. paper cups
5. saw (or something to cut stryofoam)
6. utility blade
7. screw driver
8. pen/marker
9. Duct Tape
10. Ice

Step 2: Attach Fan to Cooler Lid

For this step we need to do a couple of things,

1. Place fan on lid and trace with a marker.
2. Cut out a box inside of the traced area
3. Round out edges.
4. Place fan on the lid and tape it
5. Check for air leaks, and seal them with tape.

Step 3: Heat Transfer

Now the lid is complete! Next we have to make the heat sync(s).

Aluminum is excellent at transferring heat, so we'll be using cans to help transfer the cold of the Ice to the air. Latter we'll fill cans with ice to make them chilly.

1. we first need to cut of the tops of the cans, so we can fit the ice cubes in them.

Next we need to help improve airflow through the cans.

2. Cut slits in the side of the cans.
3. using a screwdriver widen the slit.
4. use sand paper to smooth out the tops, so you do not cut yourself.
5. recycle the cut off tops.
6. put the cans in the cooler bottom.

Step 4: Make Vents in the Cooler Bottom.

The air needs somewhere to go.

1. compare the size of the can and poke a hole about 3/4 the height of the can.
2. The power of the fan will determine how many holes you need in the side, just as long as it does not feel like there is air kicking back at the intake it is fine.
3. Test the airflow.

Step 5: Add Ice.

the More Ice the better so, fill your ice trays, i even put little paper cups in the freezer to make more ice.
Put the ice in the cooler, both in the can and surrounding the cans.

Step 6: Turn It on and Enjoy.

Now its time to turn it on, the air coming out of the box should be cool. If you don't think there is enough air coming out you can always make the holes bigger.

I hope this helps you! It made my room much cooler. I would have been running the fan anyway, so the addition of the ice has increased the cooling capacity of the fan, and I run it less often saving electricity.
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