Introduction: Build an Automatic Plant Watering System With WIFI Bluetooth

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As a beginner, I made a small application- plant watering system with WIFI Bluetooth. You may control plant watering with WIFI Bluetooth by using Bluetooth mobile phone matched up with BLUNO main control panel and expansion board, the soil humidity sensor to detect humidity as well as plant watering water pump and relay.

Application Introduction:

The plant is at normal state if the soil humidity sensor value is 0- 800 and soil humidity detected is 300 to 800; the plant is at water-lack state if such value is less than 300. Please switch on Bluetooth to water the plant!

1. phone with bluetooth

2.Bluno - An Arduino Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) Board

3.Gravity: IO Expansion Shield for Arduino V7.1

4. 2.7" OLED 128x64 Display Module

5.Immersible Pump & WaterTube

6. Gravity: Digital 5A Relay Module

7.Gravity: Analog Soil Moisture Sensor For Arduino

Step 1: Connect All Devices

Connect all devices according to the figure below, and insert the expansion shield board on BLUNO:

Note: Connect the 3-pin RST to reset pin of BLUNO

The assembly diagram is as picture2:

Step 2: Read the Value

H value in OLED refers to the humidity detected of soil in the flowerpot. The plant is at normal state if H value is 300 to 800; the plant is at water-lack state if H value is less than 300.

The simulation value (0-800) is outputted by the soil sensor and the humidity displayed in Bluno is percentage, so the humidity displayed in Bluno is soil humidity /800*100%.

Step 3: How to Water Plant With Bluetooth?

Firstly, switch on BLUNO in mobile phone, click scan at the top right corner and select “connect BlunoV1.8”. It indicates that the mobile phone Bluetooth is connected with Bluno if “connected” is displayed at the top right corner.

Second, Click the relay button in Bluno, and then you may water your plant!

as the picture, This is the humidity state of soil of one plant. It reaches 615, so you do not need to water the plant!

If the humidity is less than 300, the plant will tell you “Master, I’m thirsty. Water me as soon as possible!” At this moment, you may take out your phone to switch on relay in BLUNO as soon as possible!