Build an Igloo From Scratch in Minecraft

Introduction: Build an Igloo From Scratch in Minecraft

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Hello everyone, today I'll be showing you how to make an igloo in minecraft.

So start by using any kind of shovel to collect 8 snowballs from the ground and use them to make 2 blocks of snow

Step 1: The Snow Golem

To save you the trouble of going around collecting loads of snow from the ground, here is an easy way of getting them using a snow golem. Start by placing two blocks vertically then 1 block at each side, now break the first 2 blocks you placed to leave you with an X. Replace the dirt block directly below the X with a hard block such as wood. Now go ahead and build the snow golem in the middle of the X.

Step 2: Mining

Now you have an infinite supply of snow, so go ahead and fill up your inventory and make some snow blocks.

Step 3: Building

Now its entirely up to you how big you build your igloo - I chose to make mine 7x8.

Place all the blocks in the second layer one block closer to the middle and continue this process till all the sides meet in the middle. Now decide how big you want your entrance to be, i decided to excavate all the dirt directly below my igloo so that the entrance could be almost at ground level.

Now all you have to do is add your chest, crafting table, furnace and bed.

I hope you all enjoyed this quick tutorial, if you did please comment, follow, and vote for me in the Minecraft Challenge :-)

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