Introduction: Build an Rc Boat Out of a Dead Rc Plane

this is a cool instructable of mine that will show you how to turn an old crappy and wrecked from many flights rc plane into a new cool rc boat which can go on ice water and hard wood floors dont get me wrong it requires time but hey it can go in water as a boat or fly on top of ice youd think its worth it! by the way sorry about the first openeing slide its a little messed up but oh well. the first pic is the finnished product dont bother with the others.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

what your going to need is a dead rc plane i have an estes sky ranger but any will do it shoud be dual engine but you can do a single one. youl also need some loctite apoxy gelglue. and youl need a sheet of styrafoam.

Step 2: Create the Base

your going to basically cut this shape out of your 2cm or 1cm thick styrafoam sheet. make sure your cut around 3/4 inch holes on the left and right side like show in the pic.after youve done this also carve the edges so there an equal angle on each side your choice on how big you want that angle.

Step 3: Getting Your Engines and Main Parts

this is the inside of your plane make sure you dont break anything while getting the inards and make sure you get the engines. this first pic is how it should look once you get the engines off then get everything else in side the fusalage. the second pic is what you should end up with. the last pic is the two bottom pieces on the plane rip those off theyl be the rudders that dont move because its dual engine .

Step 4: Geting the Engines Ready and Applying the Rudders

this is a long step so bear with me. first well preapare the engines. To waterproof tthe inside of the engines i taped over the part wee air is taken in. this reduces speed but it will easily short circut otherwise. Dont get me wrong it goes very very fast even with the reduce and it will go to fast for the frail(but strong) base to handle if it crashes if you dont reduce it anyways. see the tape across the engines? do that for both. next were going to apply the rudders. rememebr those botom pieces get them and put them into the holes they should not fit you should have to force them this keeps them in place. now once youve done that get your apoxy gelglue. and apply the mixture and stir it together. apply it onto the rudders so theyl stay firmly in place. look at the pic for help. apply the glue from the top not the bottom. Now your done with this step!

Step 5: Getting Your Electronics in Place

first your going to take that silver battery and mark a place were its going to go on the ship i put mine upfront. now cut that hole out so the battery will fit in the hole. see how the batery is in the hole? sorry about the third pic but basicaly tape it down. i dont have a pic for this but tape that black piece with the on/off switch right behind it. you can kind of see in the third pic.

Step 6: Adiding the Engines.

this is a short step. basically your adding glue onto the bottoms of the engines and glueing them down. also make sure you tape down your wires. cover them with several layers of tape and maybe put some aquaphor or vapor rub on them to make it water proof. in the pic i ahev only glued one engine. glue boyth and glue them right next to but not ontop of the rudder holes.

Step 7: YOUR DONE!

your basically done it should look somewhat like this. except fpr ythe red tail piece thats an extra for looks which you can add it also somewhat protects it a little more look onto the next slide for addons.


here is just some extra things for looks and more safety froom water. the first pic is the nose add on. you can make this to keep water from getting in from it he nose I definatly recomend it. the next add on is a weight balancer. its two metal fishing weights or metal bbs. add them in the front to balance out the weight.the first pic is actually the totally add ons aswell finnished product! THATS ALL LAUNCH IT IN YOUR LOCAL POND ITS INSANE! ILL TRY TO ADD A VIDEO ITS AMAZINGLY FAST ALSO DOINT EXPECT IT TO LAST LONG IVE HAD 2 ONE WAS IN A BATTLE WITH MY FRIENDS I ADDED SOME WEAPONRY AND MINE SUNK :( THE SECOND ONE WON THE BATTLE WITH A KITCHEN KNIFE! HAVE FUN I RECOMNEND ADDIND WEAPONRY AND BATTLING! IAM NOT LIABLE FOR IDIOTS!