Introduction: Build an Action Figure Lamp

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Hey you! Go take stuff from your house and glue it to other stuff and make neat things! It's easy and very nearly free and all your visiting relatives will say "oh, he/she is so creative" and then you can give it to them for their birthdays!!!

I don't have process photos of this build but really, it's pretty straight-forward. I bought a 12" SWAT action figure from the dollar store (it only cost a dollar!!), unscrewed his back and popped his head out. I then spray-painted everything black and waited for it to dry.

I then took a small black clamp light that I had lying around (the light probably also came from a dollar store or a Walmart or some other planet-destroying shop) and took the clamp off.

I then put the lamp nub in the neck hole of the action figure and screwed it back together. And that was it.

Actually, that's not even true. Come to think of it I also filled the hollow feet of the figure with Apoxie Sculpt, put it back together and let the Apoxie cure. Then I used a weird little jig to hold the legs feet up on the drill press and used a forstner bit to drill out a hole in the sole, just large enough for some epoxy and a rare earth magnet for each foot. Now the figure can stand on the side of your fridge or hang upside down under the I-beam that runs through your living room. But that's it, I swear.

These are easy and cheap to make - please make one and post a photo; I'd love to see a whole series of robot lamps!!!