Build and Manage Your Tiny Multipurpose Workshop




Introduction: Build and Manage Your Tiny Multipurpose Workshop

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Living in apartment sucks, but you still can make stuff if you really want to.

I always have a million projects in different forms on hands, it is necessary to have my own multipurpose workshop.

I built this tiny workshop the frist second I moved in in this July, and keep optimizing on the go.

It's maybe still looks messy and busy, but at lease I can find the tool that I need and have room to work with it.

Step 1: Turn the Closet Into a Mini Workshop

Here is a little closet in the living room, i made same sized work bench inside it.

I use this area for jewelry and other works that require a dust free station.

Step 2: Use the Room Behind the Door

The tall box behind the door was a package of a pillow, I flattened it and fold it into a triangle in cross section as the angles behind the door, so the door can still be completely open.

I store long pieces inside it. For shorter pieces, I made another shorter box and put beside another bench outside the closet.

Step 3: Get the Most of the Wall

Use pegboard and hooks to organize light stuff.

I prefer to use heavier duty anchors as fasteners after those with proper weight limit failed me couple times. (Maybe there is something wrong with my mounting technic ) .

For older apartments, the drywall mud and paint may be very thick, make sure your anchor is long enough.

Step 4: Make Another Bench

I made this workbench for dirty (literally) works.

Don't forget our world is 3 dimensional, it's a shame to use only one side of the wall mount shelf

Step 5: Don't Let Lights Waste the Space

Use clips, hangers, or even screws to hold the lights, don't waste any precious table top space for those fancy lamp bases.

Step 6: Table Top Organize

I use this drawer cabin for hardwares.

Use one proper sized container for each ongoing project, pack the parts temporarily to help you manage multiple projects.

Step 7: Under the Table

Step 8: Stackable Storages

I got these stackable boxes from Walmart for about $2-3 each, they are sturdy enough for electronic parts.I like the semi transparent shell that allows me look into the box. All different sizes could be stacked together.

Step 9: Carts on Wheels

For those frequently and widely used tools and materials, for example screwdrivers or glues, put them into carts with caster wheels to move around with you to where ever your project is.

Another advantage of wheels is your floor space will be more flexible for different size or arrangement of projects.

For the same reason I got an office chair. with wheels I can also move between my two benches without standing up.

Step 10: A Little Magnet May Save Life

I have 2 cats at home, they are as curious as any cat can be. Cats are very good at hiding their look of sickness, if they ate something wrong, they perhaps won't show you until it's almost too late. So in order to share room responsibly, I should never let tiny little sharp piece be free anywhere.

Fortunately most of them are made from iron, put a magnet on each of your iron based container, you can stick them right after use.This also can save time by letting the tiny pieces easier to be found tiny next time.

Step 11: Cord Is My Biggest Enemy

I bought a set of power tools with cord not very long before i bought another set of power tools but cordless. I barely used the corded ones because it's so annoying to crawl around for an outlet and watch the cords all the time.

For those have to be wired, I try to fix them on a certain position, so I can organize and hide the cords the most i can.

in order to keep the living room clean, I should keep cleaning up my space during working. I bought a portable vacuum, cordless without any doubt.

Step 12: Keep Making!

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