Introduction: Build Your Own BeatBucket

A myriad of DIY audio projects are available on this site. Most of them requires good craftsmanship, skills, special tools and costly materials. The result is pleasing though. In this project, we will build a low cost, with materials that can be commonly found speaker. You just need some knowledge about electronics and a lot of patience. Even though the construction and the materials are cheaply made, the sound quality, as we observed, is comparable to a decent priced aftermarket audio system.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


Bucket with top cap
Woofer or midrange speaker
Tweeter (optional)
Amplifier circuit
You can find schematic diagrams of your preferred amplifier on the internet.
choose the one that matches your speaker's specifications.
We chose TDA 2003 because it requires very few external components and low power consumption.

-Universal PCB
-TDA 2003 (scrapped from old car stereo)
-2pcs 100uf capacitors
-470uf capacitor
-18uf capacitor
-1000uf capacitor
-100ohm resistor
-47ohm resistor
-470ohm resistor
-1ohm resistor
-2pcs 1N007 rectifier diode
-12v 1A transformer (you can use your old PC's power supply)
Power supply (12v/18v depending on your amplifier)
Power cord
Female RCA jacks
3.5mm jack to RCA cable

Soldering iron
Spray paint (optional)

It seems that the materials seems to be numerous, but the end product would be beneficial.
It's sound is comparable to a decent speaker system that costs many times than this project.

Step 2: Construction of Amplifier Circuit

Solder the parts according to the schematic diagram given.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

First : Mount the tweeter in the cap top side by side with the wooper.
Second : Screw the power and amplifier circuit at base of the bucket.
Third : Puncture hole at the side of he bucket to insert the RCA ports and the power cord.
Fourth : Seal the slits at the cap top using glue stick and the other areas with holes.

Step 4: Try It!!!!

Check the sounds of the BeatBucket as compared to after market speakers.
In our case the sound is good  and much clearer. It is  because of the tweeter  and the bucket is sealed ,you can hear low frequencies resulting to better sound quality.