Introduction: Build Your Own Boomerang!

Another woodwoking instructable from me! I build this Boomerang from Cherry wood, because I like the color of it after you've finished all. But you could also use any wood you'd like. I built another Boomerang before, but it broke ight after my second shot :( But this one is much better and stronger so enjoy this instructable.

Stuff you might need:

Band saw

Step 1: Starting With the Wood

Like I said I used Cherry wood, and I cut a lumber in a 2,5*10 inch long piece. Then just cut it with the bandsaw into two 3/8 inch stripes. Don't worry if its not 100% straight, because you'll sand it later.

Step 2: Put the Pieces Together

Now you need to overlap the two pieces, I used a 25 degree angel and drew the line down. Now take the piece and make a cut in the middle to the line you drew down. Now try to hold your piece at the exact angle of your line and cut it to the middle. Make the same with the other part and glue them together! (You could also hold the piece at an angle when you make the cut in the middle, then you don't have a little gap afterwards)

Step 3: Shape 1

Now  look on the internet for your perfect Boomerang shape, draw it down and cut it out with a bandsaw ! Thats it! Afterwards it should look a bit like this. Its no problem if you don't cut 100% on your line, because youll sand it later :) I drilled two holes in the middle and but a wooden stick in it, it's for mor stability and strength, but also just for a better optic.

Step 4: Finishing

Now take your band sander and shape it like you'll see it on the picture! It looks a bit like a wing of an airplane, but as you can see you have to flip it around ! The last step is to put some wood oil on it and youre done! CONGRATULATIONS!
If you have any questions, ASK!

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