Build Your Own Juggling Clubs

Introduction: Build Your Own Juggling Clubs

There are many great instructions around the web on how to make juggling balls, but very few for juggling clubs. This is a simple and cost efficient way to make some, the only thing I needed to buy was some PVC pipe.

Step 1: Tools and Components

Tools needed:

Utility knife or Scissors (something to cut tape with, or you can just tear it)
Hack saw, or Circular saw(or what ever you have available for use to cut PVC piping)


10 ft. 1/2 in. PVC pipe
Electrical tape
Friction tape
Empty plastic bottle (I used 16.9 oz. Pepsi bottle)
Spray paint optional

Step 2: Measure and Cute Pipe

I decided to go with a 20 inch club based on that many professional juggler clubs range from about 19-20.75 inches. With the 10 ft. pipe you should be able to cut 6 equal length pieces, unless you are like me and the last one will come up a little short. After making these I would recommend cutting them to 19 3/4 in. segments as my final product ended up coming out to 20 1/4 in length, that way you will also be guaranteed to have enough for 6 equal pieces unlike my 5 20 pieces and 1 that is a quarter inch shorter.

You can try different Lengths if you like but keep in mind to get the exact desired length you will probably need the segments to be cut to 1/4 in. shorter.

Step 3: Adding the Tape and Bottle

In this step keep in mind 2 things, first you will want to lock air inside the bottle this will add strength to it so it doesn't just get all crushed. Secondly, you will want to try to keep as uniform a weight as possible. To do this you can cut your smaller pieces of tape to the same length. For your longer tape pieces cutting it would be impracticable, just count how many times around you wrap it and do the same number for every club.

Start by sealing up the handle end of the club. I did this using 4 piece of electrical tape that is cut at approximately 2 inches. Make an asterix shape with the tape similar to the exaggerated one in my picture.

For the handle I made it 1/3 the length of the overall club or approx. 7. I used black Friction tape similar to what would be on a hockey stick to wrap around the previously taped end and then worked my way up. I then taped a few times around just at the very end to give it a slight knob. You may think this type of tape is too harsh, feel free to use something else to your liking or even just the bare pipe, but be sure to add the knob at the bottom as this will help hold the 4 other pieces on better.

Next place the bottle on the end(with a 1/2 in. pipe it should just barely fit) and mark where it comes to. Put some tape starting where your mark is and work about 1 in. up 2-3 times around with the electrical tape should do. This step is probably not necessary I just figured it would create a better seal.

Put your bottle on and when you get to the tape you will have to force it and twist it all the way till the pipe is to the bottom of the bottle. Make sure you twist with the tape so that the bottle is not just peeling it off as you twist.

Now start from about an inch or a half inch below the bottle and wrap around the neck of the bottle all the way up just past the threads for the cap and then back down again.

Step 4: Juggle

Now you should have some nice clubs to practice juggling with. However if you do not like the look of them, and I didn't get inspired to do this until writing this, but you can now paint them.

I more or less was just looking for an excuse to paint the snow. Not Sure how durable the paint will be, so you may want to add several layers and follow up with a clear coat. It also may be best to paint the pieces before assembly so that yours look better than mine do. Also if you plan on painting make sure to remove the plastic wrap around label from the bottle.

The green one makes me thirsty for some Dew.

Next Step How to juggle three clubs, I'm not quite there yet.

Not sure on the total weight of each club, perhaps I will weigh one soon, but they feel good to juggle to me. However the weight and balance can be adjusted easily by the amount of tape added and where on the club you put it.

So how did I do for my first Instructable?

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    13 years ago on Step 4

    Not too bad at all. You can also fill the empty bottles with glitter, etc. to make it all fancy...Your layout is definitely the easiest I have seen so far, but if you are looking for something a little more professional and only moderately more difficult you should check out this site:

    Almost the exact same setup as yours, but the wooden dowels and tennis balls add the weight that's useful in turning the clubs.

    Still, for a couple pieces of PVC, a few bottles and some electrical tape these are pretty nice clubs! I'll make a set and try them out.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    nice 'ible, they look suprisingly good for some pepsi bottles and pvc. i'm not sure, but aren't juggling clubs supposed to be weighted in the club end?you could do this by pouring (the same amount in each) of sement or plaster of paris down through the pipe before sealing the end. this would also work to keep the weight in the center of the bottle and might even help to hold it on


    14 years ago on Introduction

    NICE. On the paint Kroylon makes a paint called Fusion. Its made just for plastics.


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, I will have to try that, I just used whatever was laying around my house lol only thing I bought was the pipe