Introduction: Build Your Own Mini Robot!

This robot was built of junk I found around the house.  It will end up having simple glowing eyes and a paint job of your choosing.

Step 1: Materials

What you will need will be found in the picture. Besides that the tools you will need are: hot glue gun, scissors, eletrical tape, clear scotch tape, soldering iron (if you wish to solder to make a better bond between wires. keep in mind I didn't solder in this instructable so you are on your own if you wish to solder.), sharp knife and spray paint (if you wish to paint your robot)

Step 2: Painting

Painting is optional, but a good choice to customize your bot.  I used spray paint which took a while to dry. remember to let it dry a few hours or longer after you paint it.  Also, before I got done painting I put two evenly spaced holes in the bot's head for eyes.

Step 3: Building the Body

When ready, start with the arms. Place the clips in the metal tube just like in the picture. Make sure you glue it with the hot glue gun, that way it will stay. Next, glue the arms to the body. Do the same with the "legs" or the screws. Make sure that the robot can stand on the legs before you leave this step.  Also feel free to add decoration to your bot's body such as the plastic bow tie or stickers and decals.

Step 4: Building the Head

In this step tape the tinted plastic into the head behind the eyes and glue the light opposite of the plastic.

Step 5: Getting Wired

Sorry for not making this with an LED, but with a small space limits big batteries and a small battery has low voltage, although it may be possible with button batteries which I dont have.  I this step wire the switch to the battery and to the light. you might need to use your eletrical tape and scissors at this part.  when your done, place the battery and the wires inside the body, glue the switch on the back and pop the head on. the head fits on perfectly with the body I had, but you might need adjustments for yours.

Step 6: Done!

I added a small piece on top of his head to make him more robotic. you are now done with your mini bot. if anyone can think of a better name for these guys, let me know.