Introduction: Build Your Own Desk, for Under �20 ($30)

This is my guide on how to build your own stylish, roomy and attractive desk for less than £20! 
Granted i work in a DIY store but at the most it would have cost me £22 without discount.
Anyway, follow the following steps to get a great new desk built and ready to use in no time!!

Step 1: Preperation

First of all you'll need your materials. I work at a DIY store so obviously i found this pretty easy, but i can imagine it's a tough job if you don't know what your looking for.
I chose to use 90mm (9 cm) wide CLS for the main frame (legs and 1 support). I then chose some 60mm (6cm) CLS timber to use for the supports that will be visible, plus their smaller so won't get in the way!
I then shose to use 18mm thick Plywood to make the desktop. I cut this down into 4 inch strips and intend to leave a small gap between each plank.
YOu'll also need a drill, with drill bits and  screwdriver bit, some multipurpose screws (long enough to provide adequate strength) and some wood glue (optional).

Step 2: Getting Started

So first of all you'll be wanting to construct your base, e.g. the legs and basic frame.
The space i'm working with is 3 foot x 2 not very big but i chose to make the legs 30 inches high to allow for good leg room. 
I then cut the upper and lower supports to 24 inches long (2 foot) and screwed them in between two of the legs.
This created a sturdy base to work on
Repeat this for the 3rd and 4th legs to get your basic shape. 

Step 3: Next..

Next thing is the rear supports.I used the wider CLS to make the upper rear support, and the narrower CLS to make the lower support, 
Push the top support up against the upper support on the legs for extra strength. 
Then when that's all screwed together, stand it up and pop your slats on top to see how its going to look!

Step 4: Almost There

Now you want to screw on the front upper support, in the same way as the rear one. This will give you a very sturdy frame to lay down your desktop!!

Hope you found this useful!!

better picuress can be found here!