Building a Simple, Stylish Clothing Rack From Pipe




Introduction: Building a Simple, Stylish Clothing Rack From Pipe

About: I own a online business that sells industrial pipe fittings (Kee Klamp), PVC (pipe and fittings), as well as unique projects made with these products.

Using some pipe, a few Kee Klamp fittings, and a basket from IKEA, you can build this simple, stylish clothing rack. Great for areas where space is limited, or when you just need that bit of extra space to hang clothing, coats, or jackets. The lower basket adds flexibility, perfect for hats, mittens, boots, etc.!

Planning, Parts List, Tools, and Cost

The easiest way to plan your project is to (A) measure the available space you have to work with, and (B) purchase your wire basket.

Why? Because your available space will determine your projects height and its depth from the wall, and the width of your wire basket will determine your projects width. From there you can adjust the sizes of the components in your parts list.

The parts list below is based on our project dimensions of 75" x 40" x 16"...


Qty Part Qty Part 4 61-6 - Flange 2 15-6 - 90 degree Elbows 2 10-6 - Slip Tee 2 G100GS12GA - 1" Schedule 40 Steel PIpe - 75 inches 2 G100GS12GA - 1" Schedule 40 Steel PIpe - 16 inches 2 G100GS12GA - 1" Schedule 40 Steel PIpe - 14 inches 1 KOMPLEMENT - Ikea Wire Basket

For simplicity, and if you have enough space, you can simply use our project dimensions.


  • Power Drill and bits
  • Screwdriver (Phillips or Slotted, depending on your hardware)
  • Wrenches (Sizes depend on your hardware).


The approximate cost for parts (pipe, fittings, basket) for this clothing rack is $172 not including mounting hardware.

Now that you have your parts and tools, it's time to move on to the first step.

Step 1: Determine Location and Mount Uprights

There are four (4) parts to this step...
  1. Determine the exact location based on the width of your project and it's depth (distance) from the wall. For our clothing rack, the flanges are mounted 16" from the wall and 40" apart, on center.
  2. Mount 2 of the flanges to your floor. Use whatever attachment hardware makes the most sense based on your flooring material.
  3. Bolt your upright steel pipes into the floor mounted flanges.
  4. Slide your Slip Tee fittings onto the uprights and secure them in place at the approximate height you want them. You can always adjust the height later.
Congratulate yourself on a great start and move on to STEP 2!

Step 2: Mount Wall Flanges and Connect to Uprights

Now we're going to mount our clothing rack to the wall. This step has three (3) parts...
  1. Bolt the 2 elbows to the short pipe sections that will connect your uprights to the wall.
  2. Slip the elbows and short pipe s onto the uprights, but do not bolt them yet.
  3. Mark the exact location where the short pipe sections meet the wall
  4. Mount your wall flanges to the locations you just marked. Use appropriate mounting hardware based on the wall material.
  5. Secure the short pipe sections to the wall flanges, and the elbows to the uprights.
... we're in the home stretch!

Step 3: Attach Wire Basket

In this final step, you're going to attach your wire storage basket...
  1. Insert the shortest pipe sections into the Slip Tee fittings you slid onto the uprights in an earlier step. Secure them in place.
  2. Fit and attach your wire basket to the pipe sections.

Step 4: Finished Pipe Clothes Rack

Congratulations! Enjoy your new clothing rack, and be sure to show it off to everyone you can!

You can find additional help and more information at simple clothing rack project.

Special thanks to Selber Machen for the photography.

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    Alaskan Bev
    Alaskan Bev

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for this great 'ible! I want to make one for the bedroom. I am short (5'1") but we have a kick-around step stool handy so I can make an effective tall rack. I think I'll add function by having 3-4 lower racks, leaving adequate room above to hang jackets. I'll probably have the top rack solid with an all-around lip so I can place keys and other small items without having them fall through and hide in a shoe or hunting boot right beneath them!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    love your idea. Inspirational as I was wanting something like this in my bedroom to keep clothes off of floor. I don't like things on the floor, as it creates a place for dust to accumulate and difficult to clean up. I want to do the same as yours, but the bottom I think i will make the same as the top part; attached to wall and not floor.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Amazinnnnng!!!! I really gonna make one of this on my store this is gonna take all jackets and t-shirts on my motorcycle boutique and spare parts ...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is just too neat. I almost want to make one of these as a coat rack. :)