Introduction: Building Love

Building Love is a crowdsourcing idea to fund home building projects in third world countries.  Initial entry will be in Nicaragua where teams are already in place and ready to partner to make this a reality. (Read the whole story of how Building Love was started below my signature.)

The money used from this contest will be used to cover many of the startup costs.

Startup costs that we hope to cover are:

-  Lawyers/Paperwork for corporate filings
-  Research/Paperwork/Filings for 501c3 status
-  Web Presence (ability to run multiple fund raising campaigns and the ability to track are crucial)
-  Tools and equipment that will stay in Nicaragua for teams visiting to complete homes
-  Land in Nicaragua for storage/workshop (1-2 Acres)
-  Planning trip to Nicaragua to secure plans/partnerships with in country teams
-  Graphic Design (logo, web, t-shirts)
-  Marketing/Awareness campaign
-  Videography/Photography for campaigns

We realize the investment for a startup that can change the world is significant but $25,000 would go a long way in making this a reality.  Currently there is no other company or group focused on building homes using crowdsourcing via online giving.

Thanks for the consideration... and of course we'll end with the quote that keeps us focused:

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." ~Dr. Suess

Thanks again for reading and supporting Building Love. 

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Jason Bradford

The story behind Building Love:

In July I took my first trip out of the US to Nicaragua with a group from Charleston, SC. It was a great trip and I absolutely loved it.  While there a few things happened that put Building Love into motion.

While in Nicaragua we met families (and their extended family) living in very small (15' x 20') houses and many times 10 or more people were sharing one house. We met a young expecting Mom named Haley who asked us to help her complete her house. We visited her place and she had 4 posts up and the house was going to be less than 15' x 15'!  The size was not a concern because it was going to be hers. Looking into the specifics of this project we were able to find materials to finish the basics for under $500. Under $500 would give Haley a house for her 2 children, plus the one on the way, and her husband.  Insane! Being able to change someone's life and potentially alter their entire family's future, for the better, is what gets me excited about this.

So, my mind goes out of control. How do I buy houses for these families? I want to help and I know people who'd be willing to help!

Here's How...

After dreaming through this and long conversations with my partner and friend, Matt, we believe we can make this a reality. The company is called Building Love and we've launched a website at minimal information is available but soon we'll begin adding names of families in need.

We've partnered with an established team in Nicaragua who has worked and lived there over 10 years. We will also partner with other non-profit & mission groups in the US to coordinate teams that will volunteer to go to Nicaragua. These teams will spend time with the families in addition to the building process.

Building Love will be a non-profit company that uses crowdfunding, much like Kickstarter, to raise funds to build houses in Nicaragua. Please realize there are more nuts and bolts to this and so much is still in motion. Things will change and we'll adapt to make this possible.

One key factor, we will not simply build houses and walk away. The families will help in some way, sweat equity if you will, as a way to show pride and ownership in their new home. We'll also provide times where the families will meet to learn the importance of building a strong family and being involved in their community.

Thanks for being a part of this!

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