Building a Steam Punk Computer Mouse

Introduction: Building a Steam Punk Computer Mouse

Based on a Trust PS/2 Mouse I build this computer mouse for one of my Steampunk computers.

Building a mouse is a bit tricky but see the results and the steps hoe I build it.

Step 1: The Mouse

I painted the visible parts with some brass paint.
I disassembled the mouse and covered the PCB with a piece of leather.
Then I covered the wheel with a gear and a piece of a copper tube.
I used glue to fasten it.
The cables where covered by shoelaces. I slitted the ends of the cables into the four wires and covered them with shoelace as well.

Step 2: Teh Top

from plywood I made the cover plate.
The "tubes" arr made from copper wires the "windows" was made from a piece of copper tube covered with a brass washer
The pipe is from an old toy steam engine
The handle is made from copper tubes as well.
The stand of the handle was filed from brass and I soldered some brass tubes on it to make it stable.
The meter is a fake but it looks nice. It´s from a toy steam engine as well.
I polished every piece but than I used a shellac top paint it. This to give the parts a used look.

Step 3: Mounting It Together

I filled the front tube with two component clay and screwed it together with the base plate.
The wooden cover was clued.
The holder for the "buttons" was glued on the base plate as well.
From a small piece of brass I made a holder for the cables and stewed it onto the stand.

Step 4: Using It

Yes, you can use it. It´s working very well.
May be a bit heavy because the copper tubes but its quite precise.

With kind regards,

Horatius Steam

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    10 years ago on Step 4

    1. awesome *3*
    2. we want a video! :D

    Winged Fist
    Winged Fist

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Great job! I've been thinking about ideas for my own steampunk mouse, and really enjoy what you did with this one. But I'm curious about the name: "Building"?


    I must say nicely done!
    (I do hope though that this one can't run away and bred, some people have enough of a mice problem with out adding in a mecha mouse!)