Introduction: Building a 1:160 (N) Scale Model of a Truss Railroad Bridge

About: Unfortunately the owner of this site has passed away however it has not been closed to allow other users to hopefully benefit from some of the projects.

This is an instructable for building a Truss Railroad Bridge (of my own design) in N-Scale or (1:160). The 3D model files can be found on Thingiverse. It should be noted that this bridge was designed to demonstrate what my printers can do more so than anything else! You will not find a full scale version.

Step 1: Print the Parts

The parts for this model can be printed with any 3D Printer but there is detail (rivets) that will not show up unless you have a printer with a 250 micron nozzle. There is also an option to print a solid road bed with a walkway and hand rail. The walkway and Handrail do require a 250 micron nozzle.

Note that I model in full scale dimensions so you will need to downsize the STL files to N-Scale (1:160 or 0.62).

Also seen in the picture are assembly jigs. Pins and cork board could suffice.

Step 2: Insert the Bottom and the Two Sides Into the Jigs

Just as the title says!

Step 3: Insert and Glue the Four Braces

The inner jig can be used to help position the end braces and the two inner braces. Make sure it does not get glued!

Step 4: Glue the Bottom Piece to the Structure

Making sure that it is squared and you have a good fit.

Step 5: Complete the Bridge With the Roadbed and the Walkways

Secure the roadbed and the two walkways and the bridge is complete and ready for painting.

Step 6: Add Optional Support Pillars

There is a model for a support pillar which can be printed and painted but as this is layout specific I am not sure of the utility!