Introduction: Building a Book Safe

This will give you a general idea on how to build a book safe for under 15-20 dollars! This is a great project to make so you can hide stuff such as money or credit cards inside!

Sorry About the picture its a little over exposed!
Warning this should not be done by children this can be very dangerous and i take no responsibility if any injures occur while making this project
Just for the record this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Find a Book That You Will Be Able to Cut Up

You can buy a book or use one you have,I Found the dictionary pictured below at Half Price Books For $2.00. It worked well for the project because it has thin pages, and were easy to cut. Make sure the book is about an inch thick or More or THIS WILL NOT WORK!

Step 2: Gather Materials

For this you will need:

- Exacto Knife OR a retractable blade knife which you can purchase from Home Depot or almost any arts and crafs store.
- Cheap Little Book
- Ruler or straight edge
- Blades

Step 3: Make Your Mark

Marh off the area You Want to cut.
I later tore out the page i outlined my hole on because i got pen marking on the paage!

Step 4: Cut

Use the knife to cut out the desired area.
Every few pages flip over the cut pages to the left side.
When you get to the desired level stop and then you can be done or...........(go to next step)

Step 5: Your Done or You Can Chose to Glue the Pages Together!

The pages can now be glued together so the cut out pages last longer!

I didn't do this but it's an idea.