Introduction: Building a Chicken Coop

Hello and welcome everyone!

My name is Chris, I am a farmer and today I want to show you how I build my newest chicken coop! I am pretty sure that a lot of people who have chickens want to build their own chicken coop! It is not hard to build his own chicken coop.

Before you get a look at my images I want to let you know about my blog I started a few weeks ago. My blog has the title building a chicken coop and I will post a lot of useful articles there. I decided to post the pictures of my latest chicken coop here on

Also I have to tell you that I found 100% working plans on the internet for such a chicken coop! I haven´t planned this coop by myself. I followed a plan from Bill Keene. Bill Keene is the author from the amazing book "Building a Chicken Coop". He really is an expert and he really understands how to build a safe and wonderful chicken coop. I love his book and I also wrote an honest review about the book on my blog. As I already mentioned above. It is not hard to build a chicken coop as long as you have WORKING plans. I tried a few pland from Bill´s book within the last couple of months and I was always satisfied.

I want to let you know about a few basics. Maybe you haven´t heard about them until now:

The first thing is to decide if your backyard chicken coop should be portable, semi-permanent or fixed. This decision needs to be done before we start with building a chicken coop. I decided for a fixed chicken coop because I have a big garden and I guess I never want to move my chicken coop. When you made your decision than please take care that your chicken coop is safe from potential predators. As you can see on my image my coop isn´t safe right now! But this will be done within the next days.

So if you found your area where you want to build your coop , if you decided that you want to create a fixed chicken coop and if you know how to make your chicken coop safe than let´s start with the work.

If you have a question about my chicken coop, if you have a question about the plans or if you just want to let me know what you think about my chicken coop please leave a comment.

Have a nice day!