Building a Jail Cell for a Haunted House




Introduction: Building a Jail Cell for a Haunted House

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Due to a new layout our torture chamber, where we put the electric chair and stock, needed to be redesigned. Of course what had been discussed went by the wayside once we figured out what materials we had to work with and a spur of the moment idea changed which side of the "tunnel" the chamber would be on. There's a lot of trial and error involved, especially when reusing materials but we got this accomplised in about 3hours

Step 1: The Structure

Working with PVC pipe is kind of like playing with giant Knex (sp), the main structure is basically 2 rectangles tied together. The door formly did service in a dog run, the small wall next to it will be covered in either plastic or burlap

Step 2: The Bars

We thought this would be fairly simple... WRONG !  Tools really do make the differance but again you do what you need to with what you have. One wall was simple a 3/8's wood bit made the perfect hole but the long side has larger 1 1/4" pipe, a 1 1/4" bit cracked the PVC so we drilled a smaller hole and used a jigsaw to cut the holes. Try to make sure you line up the holes in the top and bottom pipes.... check the bars out to see why....

Step 3: The Bars Part 2

Measure from the bottom of the lower pipe to the center of the upper pipe, make yourself a jig of some kind to make repeated cuts easier. We used a block of wood that usually see's duty holding up the tongue of a trailer and a couple of rocks. Since our walls are 2 different heights we had to move the jig. Of course you could make the bars all out of PVC, we didn't have enough so... the skinny bars are from an old screen gazebo that the cover only lasted one season the larger pipes are more repurposed dog run poles

Step 4: Finished for Now

Well, we still need some paint but its pretty much ready to decorate. Watch for the finished product coming the beginning of nov-2010 or check out the "ible" of last years HAUNT on the link below

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    this was actually built for 2010 and ended up as more of a torture chamber than a jailcell, with a standing stock, ghouls hung in cages and an electric chair. We have several costumes we use, both the iconic striped suit and the blaze orange jumper so often used now. Most prisoners now a days wear a variaty of blue denim uniforms which while authentic aren't as perceivable as the more iconic version. Thank you for your interest


    10 years ago on Introduction

    wow jail cell awsome you know you can ask a prison for a old uniaform for ultra realstic prisoner