Building a Laser Cut Birdhouse




Introduction: Building a Laser Cut Birdhouse

You know what a birdhouse is, I don't need to explain it. However, not apparent to most, a lot of birds are homeless, sleeping on the street, living out of old iPhone boxes discarded by wannabe hipsters, having to scrounge together to even afford breadcrumbs. I propose a change, I propose we build birdhouses!

The approach in this instructable is to use a laser cutter to make most of the individual pieces for the birdhouse, and assemble it with glue and a few pieces of hardware, you may know them as screws and hinges.


, if you don't want to go through the process of flattening, planing and gluing together boards you could just as well use plywood.


A variety of woodworking tools
, a bandsaw, jointer and planer would be very handy, as well as a large disc sander
Laser cutter, if you don't own one you may be able to get access at a local Techshop or similar

Good luck in your birdhouse building, remember to keep the final area down, so you don't need to apply for planning permission!

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    Carpenter Guy
    Carpenter Guy

    6 years ago

    I like this, but just my opinion, before people had the thought to build birdhouses, birds were just happily making nests in trees. Everyone talks about perches making it easier for bigger birds to get in and kill the chicks. Before birdhouses, birds didn't have the small holes to protect them. they still survived! Birdhouses, in my opinion, are just a way to get birds into your yard.

    I agree with making birdhouses, and will always make them. Thanks for sharing!