Introduction: Building a Micro USB-USB-IN/OUT Connector for Solar LED Phone Charger Emergency Dynamo Crank

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This project is an add-on to the instructable 'Increase battery capacity of Solar LED Flashlight Phone Charger Emergency Dynamo Crank'; to allow you charge a modern day cell phone and other peripherals.
We will be converting the OEM USB -> 2.1mm Jack cable into a 3 way adapter; it will provide USB, 2.1mm Jack and Micro-USB outputs.

Required parts:
USB Male connector with cable
Micro-USB Male connector with cable
5v Adapter to USB converter cable (came with device)
Soldering Iron and Solder
Scissors/Wire Strippers

Step 1: Prepping Your Cables

Begin by cutting the ends you need, The USB and 5v adapter can be obtained by cutting the stock USB->5v Adapter cable in half,
The Micro USB can be obtained from a charging cable for phone.
Strip about 1/4" of the outer sheath off exposing the inner wiring, 
Repeat this step for each cable, some cables contain 5 wires (R,B,G,W,S, Foil) so go ahead and cut off the foil and the green, white and black wires as we will be using the unwrapped as our ground.

Step 2: Making the Connections

Carefully strip the internal wires of each cable leaving about 1/3"-1/4" wire exposed; use the photo below as a guideline.
Test each wire using a Multimeter to establish that the connections are solid between adapter and end wires. Some cheap USB cables have the ground wire setup differently.
Connect the wires, red -> red <- red and black -> silver <- black by first twisting two then twisting in the third wire
Check the connections with a multimeter

Step 3: Soldering It All Together

With your wires bundled together properly use your soldering iron to apply a coating of solder over the wires creating a secure and reliable connection.
We need to seal the contacts as they are exposed, to do that we can use any of the following: Liquid/Regular Electrical Tape, duct tape, wire caps or some other relevant glue.
Once sealed go ahead and test out the device by plugging the 5v Connector into the ' -O+ DC5V ' port on device and then the USB connector to a USB wall charger
If the blue light turns on and flashlight works then success!
If the light glows bright then shuts off you most likely have an issue in your wiring; either the cable of the device itself.