Building a Patio Chair With ShopBot

Introduction: Building a Patio Chair With ShopBot

I made it at Techshop.

One day as I walked into the general work area at Techshop I saw a wooden chair, freshly painted left to dry. I happened to be on the look out for couple of patio chairs for my place and these seemed very nice. So I asked around and find the person who built them, hoping to get some info and how to's to make one of my own.

It turns out this patio chair is one of the ready to make projects of Shopbot Tools. Shopbot is one of my favorite tools and they have the files available on their website. I went to the home improvement store next door and bought a 4'x'8' 3/4" plywood. I grabbed exterior grade plywood since I ll be leaving the chairs outside pretty majority of the time. Although the chairs actually fold up for easy storage. I set the Shopbot up and started cutting. From a full size plywood, you get two chairs.

After Shopbot did its job I routed the edges to give the chair a more sleek look. After routing I sanded over all the parts before assembly to get rid of any splinters. Assembly was a breeze. Little bit of glue and fit the piece together. They fit perfectly together I still put couple of clamps though.

These chair also have a wow effect when I reply to 'where did you get these?' question.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Here's a link to the ShopBot Tools project:


    8 years ago on Introduction

    pretty much useless instructable here. Doesn't explain anything.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    These are nice chairs , but you don't say anything about how they were made . From what you wrote it sounds like the shopbot thing did everything . What did you have to do , where did you find the plans/program , any special steps you had to do . By the way there are plans out there for making these chairs with hand tools that don't require a 20 to 30,000 dollar machine .