Introduction: Building a Simple RDA Dual Coil

Building your own coils for your Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer is both rewarding and fun. This Instructable will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to accomplish this task. It is important to know how to build these coils properly so that you do not cause damage to yourself, others, or your E-devices. The technical ability required for this build is beginner. The cost for building your own coil would be roughly $13.98. This price is for the 25 ft of kanthal at $3.79, $7 for jeweler screwdriver set, and $3.19 for organic cotton balls. This cost is only for the first set of coils. The purchased materials will make many sets of coils. The estimated time for completing a coil build is 30 minutes for the first time.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA)

Electronic Cigarette Mod that is specified for Sub-Ohm

Batteries for specific Mod

Kanthal (personal preference on gauge)

Pliers or ceramic tweezers

Wire Cutter

Organic Cotton



Screwdriver or drill bit for specified diameter to wrap coil around


Step 2: Clean Deck

Make sure the deck of the RDA is clean of any previous coils, cotton, or juice.

Step 3: Number of Wraps for Your Coil

Using generate a wrap count for coils.


Type of Kanthal being used

Gauge of Kanthal

Desired Resistance

Desired Diameter of Coil

This will generate on the right side of the calculate the required number of wraps for each coil.

Step 4: Building the Coils

  1. Cut 2 pieces of kanthal approximately 5 Inches long from spool
  2. In one hand hold the screwdriver or drill bit (that matches the desired diameter of coil inputted into Steam-Engine) as well as one end of the kanthal that you cut previously
  3. With the other hand begin wrapping the kanthal around your wrapping instrument. *Note: 1 wrap is completed when kanthal passes the starting point of the initial wrap.
  4. Continue to wrap until you have reached the number of wraps specified from
  5. Once the first coil is completed trim the leads of the coil to ½ -¾ inch.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for second coil

Step 5: Placing the Coils Into RDA

  1. Insert one leg of one coil into the outside post hole of RDA *Caution: Make sure the coil is not touching either post
  2. Tighten this post screw down.
  3. Insert the other leg of coil into the inside post of RDA.
  4. Insert one leg of the second coil into the empty outside post hole of RDA and tighten the screw down *Caution: Make sure the coil is not touching either post
  5. Tighten center post screw down *Caution: Make sure neither coil is toughing the center post

Step 6: Test the Coils

  1. Activate the E-Cig to test the coils. Look at the coils, if they do not heat up from the center outwards and evenly between both coil adjustments will be required
  2. To adjust coils, using pliers or ceramic pliers to pinch the coils tightly together. *Caution: Coil must be placed squarely between pliers to avoid damaging coils.
  3. Repeat heating and adjusting coils until they heat from the center and move outward evenly at the same time.

Step 7: Trim All Excess Leeds

Trim all excess leads using the wire cutter as close to the post that they are connected to.

*Danger: Be careful when snipping leads. Kanthal lead can fly off when being cut. Protect your eyes

Step 8: Placing Cotton

  1. From the organic cotton acquire a 2x2 inch section and tear in half. One half will be used for each coil.
  2. Roll each section of cotton to thread through each coil like threading string into a needle.
  3. Insert into each coil one section of cotton. *Note: The cotton should be thick enough that there is some resistance as you pull it though the coil.
  4. Trim cotton to approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inch past coil. This will vary depending on how big the RDA you are working with is.

Step 9: Saturate Cotton

  1. Saturate cotton in E-Juice and let sit for approximately 5 minutes. *Note: adjust cotton back down into the deck well of RDA if it swells after saturation
  2. Activate the E-Cig to make sure both coils produce vapor. If one coil does heat up, tighten the post screws.

Step 10: Put on the RDA Top Cap and Enjoy!

Place the RDA's top cap in place. You are now ready to enjoy a fresh build.

*Caution: Depending on desired resistance of coils you will have to drip at different intervals as E-Juice is used up.
*Caution: Do not allow coils to become completely dry. Cotton will burn.

You have now built your own coils for your RDA. The first build always takes the longest but with practice you should be able to complete these steps in around 10 min. Once you get the hang of this try out different building techniques that will suit your vaping preferences the most. Happy Vaping!