Introduction: Building a USB Type-C PD Powerbank the Super Simple Way

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In this small project I will show you how to create a DIY USB Type-C PD powerbank the super simple way. To do that I will firstly test a powerbank PCB based around the IP5328P IC I got from Aliexpress. The measurements will show us how suitable the PCB is for creating a DIY powerbank. Afterwards I will then show you how I created a Li-Ion battery pack and a custom 3D printed enclosure before I will put all the components together to form the powerbank. Let's get started!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

The video gives you pretty much all the information you need to create your own USB Type-C PD Powerbank. During the next steps though I will present you some additional information.

Step 2: Order Your Components!

Here you can find a parts list with example seller (affiliate links):

1x IP5328P Powerbank PCB:

6x NCR18650B Li-Ion Cell:

Nickel Strips:


Step 3: 3D Print the Enclosure!

Here you can find the .stl files for my enclosure! 3D print them!

Step 4: Do the Wiring!

As soon as you got your battery pack, enclosure and PCB, it is time for the wiring. You simply connect the plus terminal of the battery pack to the B+ solder pad and the minus terminal to the B- solder pad and you are done.

Step 5: Success!

You did it! You just built your own USB Type-C PD Powerbank!

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