Introduction: Building a Werewolf!!

I decided this year to be a werewolf... actually I decided about 3 years ago that I'd eventually take a crack at it and this was the year. I based the look of the werewolf on the lycans from the Underworld movies. They're just my favorite look for a werewolf. I hand-made every part of the costume with the exception of the foam latex mask which I ordered and the werewolf gloves and of course the black sclera eye contacts. Though I did paint the foam latex mask myself.

Items involved:

-Custom made zentai suit - you can actually order these online. I got mine at a decent price.

-Furniture foam - I mainly used the 2 inch thick blocks, tho 3 inch blocks will work as well but you may have more work carving them, if 2 inches isn't enough for a piece you can always add on.

-Adhesive and adhesive remover for the foam latex mask. Pros-aide or something like that with a strong hold is recommended. Spirit Gum just won't do it.

-Glue gun/hot glue

-2-3 rolls of duct tape


-Utility Knife - I went through 3 or 4 of these carving the foam, they work very well but the foam wears them down.

-Sewing supplies/kit

-1 pint of liquid latex paint - this is also available online at decent prices.

-PAX paint, this is a paint made of half acrylic paint half pros-aide adhesive, you can either mix them yourself or you can also purchase this paint online. The amount will depend on the look you're going for but you usually get them in 2oz and 8 oz sizes and upwards when you get them online. This paint bonds very well with the latex and allows for stretch and movement and doesn't crack.

-2 yards of faux fur - I actually ordered 'werewolf' fur because I was going for a more traditional brown look. I used just about all of the 2 yards, so if you want to have extra in case of screw ups pay for the extra yard.

-3-4 yards of scrap cloth

-sharp scissors

-silver sharpie or white pencil

I've mentioned a few items which you can order. If you have any questions about where to get them just message me and I'll be very happy to point you in the right direction.
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