Introduction: Building a Wooden Kazoo

About: I'm a retired teacher who enjoys building and creating.

A kazoo is a very easy instrument to play. You simply hum into it. Wooden kazoos are unique and making them of different kinds of wood creates an interesting pattern.

Step 1: Gluing the Body

Glue together 3/4 inch thick stock that will make a piece 2 1/2 inches wide. One kazoo is four inches high but I was making four kazoos so the stock was 16 1/2 inches long.

Cut two more pieces of 3/4 inch stock 1/2 inch wide by 16 1/2 inches long.

Step 2: Cutting to Length

Once the glue is dry, cut all pieces to four inches long. You should end up with one 2 1/2 inches wide piece and two 1/2 inch wide pieces.

Step 3: Attaching the Side Pieces

On the side pieces, drill 1/4 inch counter sink holes at 5/8 and 2 inches from the bottom. Clamp the side pieces on and drill pilot holes for the screws. Attach the side pieces with 3/4 inch #6 screws. Make sure the side pieces are flush with the bottom of the body piece.

Step 4: Shaping and Sanding

Cut off the corners on both sides at the top of the kazoo. Sand all surfaces and round the edges.

Step 5: Drilling the Holes

From the top, drill a 1/2 hole 2 7/8 inches deep right down the center. From the bottom, drill a 1/4 inch hole up to meet the top hole. From the sides, drill 1/2 inch holes 1 1/4 inches up from the bottom. They should reach the center hole.

Step 6: Adding the Vibrator

Varnish the outer surfaces. Unscrew one side. Take a plastic grocery bag and put it over the raw edge and screw the side back on. Cut away the excess. Do the same for the other side. Your kazoo is ready. Hum away.