Building a Diy IoT LED Light - Device

Introduction: Building a Diy IoT LED Light - Device

Made for the DIY hobbyist and IoT Fan.

This Instructable will show you the steps needed to get started to create a Windows 10 universal app,

configure the ESP 8266 Serial (UART) to Wi-Fi SoC (System On a Chip),

setting up the connections Universal App -> ESP8266 -> µC-Borad (Arduino, MSP430G2553)

and parsing the sent commands to control a WS2811 RGB LED Stripe.

To thank the community of which I have already learned a lot.

My own written Windows app Spekrum IoT connects via the WLAN / LAN to a TCP server or a ESP8266 and sends commands like this:

color 123EB4 // color in hex format

slider1 153 // values from 0-255

toggle1 true // true or false

Also custom commands are possible!

Of course, the communication works in both directions !

For testing, I have used SocketTest from . Later I'll even show you here how can you create your own custom IoT Device based on a microcontroller such as Arduino or a TexasInstruments MSP430G2553. Download link for Spektrum IoT is available on last step.

Have fun!

Step 1: Things You Need

Step 2: Create a Blank Windows Universal App With Visual Studio 2015

1. Start Visual Studio 2015 Community

and select New -> Project -> Windows universal -> blank App

2.Create a public socket object on the MainPage.xaml.cs

public sealed partial class MainPage : Page
{ public static StreamSocket socket { get; set; }

public MainPage() {


socket = new StreamSocket();


under construction

Step 3: Testing the Communication With SocketTest

under construction

Step 4: Setting Up an ESP8266

under construction

Step 5: Coding the ΜC Parser Program

Step 6: Run the IoT

Step 7: General Information

To Do:

fix bug with begining square in sent strings

add joystick user interface

add web cam support


You can download my Spektrum IoT universal app from here

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