Building a Touch Sensor Low Cost




Introduction: Building a Touch Sensor Low Cost

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In the market there are many shield that allow us to connect a touch sensor to our Arduino. Have you ever thought to build one of your own? This guide will explain how to make it low cost!

What do we need?

1. Arduino Uno or compatible.

2. Aluminum foil.

3. Cardboard or solid piece.

4. Some wires connector.

5. Resistance: 1MOhm.

6. Breadboard

Step 1: We Build the Sensor

To build our touch sensor is advisable to bring scissors and tape. First we take a piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around the cardboard. We take the tape to secure the foil to the cardboard and we sneak a wire connector inside the aluminum. Finally we settle the wire with the aluminum or simply we attack a bit of adhesive tape.

Step 2: The Mounting of the Circuit

Assembly is simple. First we place on the base resistance 1MOhm and after we connect the sensor wire to the left of our resistance.Now connect the extremities of the resistance to the Arduino (see the figure).

Step 3: Final

Arduino connects to the computer and charge the sketch that I have attached. The code in "touch.ino" is commented to understand the operation.

Warning!First download the library is required:Download here.

I hope that the guide is helpful.

Greetings - Poderak (Youtube)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great job on your first Instructable! This is really helpful. I hope we see more projects from you in the future!