Introduction: Building a Trellis-arch for the Garden

This is a project I built out of some scrap metal from an a/c unit and some stuff in the garage. This project only required some parts I had laying around, a MIG welder, and paint. A MIG welder is available at TechShop.      

Step 1: Gathering Parts and Prepping

First thing I did was get the cage off of a scrap air conditioner, then I found some rod in the garage and cut down the pieces to fit.

Step 2: Welding Things Up

After all of the pieces were cut how I liked, I set up the parts to weld them all together. I welded 2 sides which ended up similar to 2 rectangles, and I welded the cage on the top.

Step 3: Paint and Setup

Once it resembled the final product, I shot it with some hunter green paint and added some plastic mesh on the sides. This mesh made for a good surface for plants to grow on, as I gave it to my aunt who is using it to grow some tomatoes and cucumbers on.