Introduction: Building an Artificial Floral Bouquet!

There are many ways to save money while planning a wedding start by saving hundreds of dollars on flowers! Real flowers are so expensive, especially after having to pay someone to make all of the bouquets, mother flowers, and arrangements. Artificial flowers look just as nice as real flowers and cost half as much. Depending on how big the bouquet is wanted and how many different flowers and greenery are picked for it can make the process of putting them together a little challenging, but it is relatively simple with a little bit of practice!


  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Wire cutters
  • Floral wire 18 gauge (green)
  • Floral tape (green)
  • Ribbon
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Inspirational Images (Pinterest)

Step 1: Find Inspiration!

Start by looking up ideas for the bouquet Pinterest is a great source for finding inspiration! Look at different sizes, color schemes and what flowers and greenery complement each other in a bouquet. Have multiple pictures saved or printed out that will be easily accessible in a store. The fun part begins after finding inspiration! It is now time to go shopping for the flowers and the supplies needed to make the bouquet.

Step 2: Shopping List!

Begin by making a list of the supplies needed for the project. Start with a hot glue gun and glue sticks, then add floral tape, floral wire 18 gauge is recommended preferably get those in green, scissors, wire cutters, along with ribbon for the bouquet base and flowers. Check with friends and family members before shopping to see if they have any of those items to lend out. After that check out the local craft stores websites and see which places are running the best deals. Hobby Lobby is an excellent choice during their 50 percent off floral weeks. Be sure to have the inspirational photos and a friend available when heading out to shop and have fun picking out flowers!

Step 3: Shopping Time!

Once at the store find all the items needed to make the bouquet first and save the flowers for last. When starting with the flowers pull up the inspirational pictures and start by select two to four flowers that will serve as the base of the bouquet and have a friend hold them together. Continue adding flowers and greenery until the look, size, and shape is completed to personal liking. Take pictures at all angles and head to the check out line. Have the cashier place all of the flowers in a separate bag from other supplies.

Step 4: Trimming Stems, Adding Wire, and Trimming Off Leaves

When starting the bouquet at home make sure the hot glue gun is plugged in and working properly. Starting by cutting all the leaves off the stem leaving the top two or three leaves. Save the extra leaves incase the bouquet needs more leaves later on. Next cut all the stems to about seven or eight inches long on single stem flowers. If there are multiple flower buds on a single stem decide if they are being placed in separate spots in the bouquet. If so cute them into individual stems if they are shorter than six inches take the floral wire and wrap it around the stem tape in place and cut to length needed. Remember to much length can be removed later on!

Step 5: Assembling the Bouquet!

Once all of the stems are relatively the same length take your base flowers from the store arrange them to fit personal preference, again using two to four flowers and tape those flowers together with floral tape. Continue looking at the store pictures and placing the flowers around the base until it has reached the size and shape desired. Next take the floral tape and wrap the stems together in the center to add support to the bouquet. Finishing adjusting flowers to desired look and add any leaves desired. Finally take out the ribbon chosen to wrap the bottom of the bouquet. Determine how much of the stems needs to be covered and cut the ribbon accordingly. Take the hot glue gun and place a vertical line on stems and place the ribbon on the hot glue applying pressure to smooth out the glue and applying glue where needed and applying pressure to avoid glue lines. Look at the final product and make small adjustments then admire the work and continue with the next bouquet!