Building the Robotic Arm With 3DP +Arduino(用3DP+Arduino製作機械手臂)

Introduction: Building the Robotic Arm With 3DP +Arduino(用3DP+Arduino製作機械手臂)

This is a 5 axis Robotic Arm ,I made it with 3D Printer & Arduino .

You can follow bellow steps to download the resource and make it.

Preparing Stuff:

1.MG995 servo x 5

2. SONY Joystick x1

3. Arduino x1.

Step 1: See the Demo Film

You can see the Demo Film.Using Joystick to control Robotic Arm.

Step 2: Download the Elements.

You can download Robotic elements from below website:

Step 3: Assemble Robotic Arm

please sse the below website show how to assemble it.

Step 4: Connecting Arduino.

please see below website to show how to connect Arduino H/W.

Step 5: Arduino Sample Code

You can download the RobotArm03.ino .It support 2 kind of controlled modes.One is auto mode,another is manual mode.controlling Robotic Arm by one Joystick .

Step 6:

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    4 years ago

    Nice robot arm. Did your servos survive the 8.4 volts?

    Ashing Tsai
    Ashing Tsai

    Reply 6 years ago

    thank you


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like a cool robotic arm. Nice work!