Introduction: Bulb Seal Replacement

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Working on my Wildernest again today and needed to replace the "bulb seal" around the roof line. This fancy seal keeps water from getting inside while you're driving around in the rain... Or just parked with the tent closed.

Step 1: Bulb Seal Is Expensive

Yah. It's pretty pricy... That's what the fancy seal looks like

Step 2: This Is the Edge That the Seal Goes On

The crimpy side of the seal goes on this fiberglass lip and the rubber tubey side goes in toward the tent . The rubbery tubey thing is what actually does the sealing action.

Step 3: Guess Where You Can Get Tons of Bulb Seal Super Cheap???

"Vallet" one car in Hollywood or something. (I know you saw James Bond Casino Royale) Rental cars have it... Oh, and junk-yards are full of bulb seals!! I stole a bunch from my brother's car. He doesn't know why his car is so loud now and leaks water. My lips are sealed.

Step 4: It's a Tiny Bit Different..

So we'll have to adapt it slightly to fit.

Step 5: Make Cut-outs for Hinges and Clips That Lay Over the Outside of the Seal

I just used a razor blade to cut away where the exterior bulb was in my way

Step 6: Install It!

You might need to squeeze the channel together a little bit of you've stretched it when you "borrowed" the bulb seal from your girlfriend's car

Step 7: Use It!

Yay! You've successfully recycled something at a scrap yard that would have been burned up or thrown into a landfill! You've saved the environment and a ton of ¥!

Go camp now!