Introduction: Bulbasaur Plant Holder

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If you are a pokemon fan and a plant type lover than this is the way to grow! With this instructable you can make yourself a real life bulbasaur #001, maybe get creative and make the whole evolution, maybe even an oddish or two. The possibilities are endless!

Materials you will need:

-Air dry clay

-Teal, Pink, Black, Red, and Green Acrylic Paints

-A small tip paint brush

-A small plant/succulent

-Some soil

Step 1: Sculpting

I began by sculpting the body, making a little pot that the soil and roots of the plant will be in.

Next I made the back and front legs and the three small claws on each foot.

Finally I sculpted the head with indentations for the eyes and mouth to give them dimension.

Make sure everything is smooth, you can smooth it out with a little bit of water (not too much).

Leave your creation to dry for 2 days in a ventilated area. Make sure it is truly dry before you move on to the next step.

Step 2: Paint the Base Layer

Begin painting the entire body teal; everything except the claws, teeth, mouth, and eyes.

Then paint the claws, teeth, and eyes white leaving only the mouth unpainted.

Step 3: Paint the Face

For the mouth I used two tones of pink, I created the darker shade by mixing light pink with a little bit of black on a piece of pallet paper. Paint the tongue pink and the other corner of the mouth black.

Paint the eyes on the inside corners red leaving the outer white and the pupils white (he should look kinda cross eyed).

Step 4: Paint the Green Spots

Be sure that the teal paint has completely dried before painting the green spots.

While you paint look at a picture for reference, depending on the paint you use it might take two layers.

Step 5: Plant Your Succulent

Once the paint has completely dried you are ready to plant!

Put a good amount of soil in the potted part of the back and transfer your plant over to bulba.

I originally planted a petaled succulent (first image above) but then found an even more bulb like plant and switched to that one (image 2).

I hope you guys enjoyed my instructable and have fun creating wild plant holders :)

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