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Introduction: Bulgarian Weighted Bag

I have some shoulder trouble, so I wanted to recreate a workout tool from years ago. You can purchase these online from the OEM as well as view some other DIY designs. My construction is slightly different as far as the handles as well as the use of bungee cords attached to extend the handles.

Supplies and Tools:
12” diameter tube from Tractor Supply or hardware store, 24” Bungee cords, Athletic Tape, Electrical Zip-ties, Rubber Mulch or Sand, Scissors, and Pliers.

Step 1: Step One

Unroll the inner tube and cut the section containing the stem out.

Step 2: Step Two

Mark from the edges at least 6 inches. Note – You do not want to make this any shorter; I have found out that a lot of work will be wasted if the implement is not comfortable to use.

Use the zip-tie and tie up one side of the inner tube. Try to make the newly formed handle fold like the letter "H".

Step 3: Step Three

Fill the open end with Rubber mulch using a coffee cup or type of scoop. This step it the hard part, because it will take some time and effort to get the mulch stuffed down the inner tube and packed. This took me twenty minutes to get just under 10lbs stuffed.

Secure the other end in a similar fashion as step two.

Step 4: Step Four

Cut the ends off of the Bungee cords and place into the “H” groove made by the fold. Secure all the way down with Zip-ties. Use the pliers to tighten and then trim off the ends with care not to leave sharp edges.

There are many opinions about whether or not to use duct tape in a project like this. When it is a workout implement that I will use while I am sweating – I always opt for the athletic tape. This is for two reasons. The tape was designed not to bleed through adhesive as much as duct tape and because after a few layers the handle starts to feel cushioned. The tape also effectivley covers the Zip-ties with ease.

Step 5: Final Step

This was my first atempt at a 10lb Bulgarian weighted bag. I needed something small to start with. I may get a larger inner tube and use more much or switch to sand. The largest commercial version are just under 40lbs.

If you wish to see how they work....there are plenty of videos online.
See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDMYJWXY6GI as just one of many examples.

Happy Workouts!

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