Bullet Case Necklace



Introduction: Bullet Case Necklace

Materials needed
20 sks model shells
1 12 gauge shell
1 shell of choice
String,yarn,chain either will work
Hand drill
Needle file set
High grit sandpaper
Buffing wheel and compound

Step 1:

Step 2:

I accedentally lost pictures of drilling the holes. So i will explain,i took the empty rifle rounds. Basically i used a 2/16 inch metal bit. Drilled holes into them, through both sides and did that to all 20 of them, plus the one shortend 30-06 shell

Step 3:

After drilling the holes for the rope i have to deburr the inside and out so that the sring will not rip or tear while you are wearing it.

Step 4:

Next i took a 12 gauge shell and cut off the plasric case.then i took the end and drilled an 2/16 hole all the way through the brass end NOT into the primer cap . I also wanted to add a special shell too!

Step 5:

Next i took both the brass shell and end and gave them a nice polish with 300 grit sandpaper, then moved onto buffing wheel. Sorry for the messy workbench!

Step 6:

The last step is to use some thread (that is all i had lying around,if you want you could use a real chain.) because i want this not to break i will braid the string with 3 pieces of thread that are the same the length.

Step 7:

To start the braid i do a simple 3 way knot.then i procced to braid,if needed ust search on youtube for a desired braid or twist. Then i start to put all the empty rounds on! Then after all of the rounds are on tie a permanint knot , in a way that you can take it of and on with ease.

Step 8:

And voila here is your finished neckalace,beutiful in a homemade way! Also would make a grat gift for a gun lover and hunter,combine this with a homemade 30-06 bullet wistle and this could be a cool survival item!
Hope you enjoyed this Instructable thanks and bye

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