Introduction: Bullet Necklace

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So this is my first Instructable and I wanted to do something super cool and awesome that would appeal to most people and that is, a bullet necklace. It is also an open 'ible so please give feedback.

I just created it not more than ten minutes ago and it only took approximately 15 minutes to make the whole thing mainly because I had everything I needed at home, besides the bullet.

Short story of how I "acquired" this bullet is I pretty much and quite frankly just found it. Sitting all alone on the sidewalk by a pile of snow from a snowplow, in front of the art museum i visited this morning. A live bullet and all. Pretty dangerous, scary that I found a live bullet in front of a museum, and the park rangers on their horses were not too far away from us. So doing what I thought best, put it in my pocket.

So that is basically the story of how I got this bullet. If you don't have bullets available to you, I'm sure a friend (old enough to supervise you if you're young [a parent] ) would be willing to help if they have some. If not, you'll have to find a way if you wanna make one. The rest of the tools are easy to get if not already purchased.

Step 1: Tools/objects Needed

The rod in picture three is used to loosen stuck gun powder in the casing if it is not already emptied. The bolt is just for comparison for size, any wire/metal rod will work if it fits.

I would like to thank DeWALT for their excellent tools and products.

CAUTION !!!***(FYI, it is not my responsibility if you or other persons are injured in this project. You are dealing with a highly explosive object and can cause death. Make at your own risk and use safety precautions)***!!! CAUTION

Step 2: Getting a Bullet

The main object of this project is the bullet/shell casing.

Pretty important.

Step 3: Empty Bullet If Loaded/ Start the Drilling Process If Not Loaded

Use a 7/64 drill bit and go through both sides of casing. I used a bigger drill bit afterwards to round the tops of the wholes to look nicer but it is not important for the functionality of the necklace.

Step 4: Apply Chain

Apply the chain and voila, necklace complete.

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